The Department of Musical Theater

The Department of Musical Theater was established in 2001, comprising five major offices as Chinese Musical Research Center, Musical Performance and Creation, Music, Dance, and Basic Dramatic Acting. The first experimental class of musical major started in 1995.   
The current faculty is composed of excellent artists and professors from BDA as well as such top art institutions as Central Academy of Drama, Central Conservatory of Music, China Conservatory of Music, Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Peking University, Shiki Theatre Company, Goldsmiths - University of London, Royal Academy of Music, New York University, Schumann School of Music (Germany) and Munich Music and Theatre Academy. Thanks to their joint efforts, the Department has developed many excellent musical performers skilled in vocal, dance and acting.
The Department has been operating on scholarly principle of “taking western techniques for practice on the basis of Chinese culture”, stressing theatrical aesthetic spirit of “representation” and “expression”, and committed to developing professional talents with comprehensive capabilities in choreography, directing and performance, which helps lay a solid foundation for the development of modern musicals with the Chinese characteristics. In recent years, teachers and students from the Department have reaped many achievements in various activities at all levels. In 2009, the original musical Heroes was honored as an outstanding research project.  In 2010, the Department hosted the First International Forum for China Musical Development & the Fourth Seminar on Teaching and Creating Chinese Musicals. So far, the Department has successfully performed many famous western musicals in Chinese, such as Mama Mia, West Side Story and Rent.