The Education and Research Center for Modem Dance

The Education and Research Center for Modern Dance was established in 2010. It is the first professional body in China centering on modern dance teaching with multi-functions of research, creation, production, international cooperation, and academic exchanges. The Research Office of Modern Dance was set up in Choreography Department in 1993, when the first class of junior college students majoring in modern dance was enrolled. Two years later, graduates from this class founded the first modern dance group in the Beijing - Beijing Modern Dance Company. The Center started to offer BA and MA degree programs in modern dance in 1995 and 2003 respectively.
In the past two decades, great achievements have been made in creation and academic research of modern dance. In 2004, the Center was awarded a first prize of Beijing Municipal Education Teaching Achievement; in 2005, it earned Beijing Academic Innovation Team of Talents Enhancing Program; in 2006, Solo Dance Choreography Basic Theory and Techniques was honored as a Beijing Excellent Course; in 2008, the Center was selected as National and Beijing Construction Points of Characterized Specialty. Dance works and repertoires produced by the Center have also won numerous honors and prizes in a variety of professional dance competitions across China.
Disciplinary construction of the Center is aimed at building a specialized and systematic discipline by means of international avant-garde art and advanced technology so as to establish an academic school of modern dance with distinctive Chinese characteristics and become a teaching, creative and research center for Chinese modern dance.