The Department of Dance Studies

The Department of Dance Studies grew out of the Department of Dance History and Theory and was renamed as such in 1996. It aims at cultivating advanced talents in dance studies, offering curriculum of dance theories for all students in Beijing Dance Academy and conducting academic research in dance theories and education. The Department comprises three major offices: Dance History and Theory, Dance Science and Dance Practice.
The current faculty is composed of experienced and excellent professors and teachers responsible for over 20 BA and MA degree concentrations in areas of dance history, basic dance theory, psychology of dance education, dance science, etc. More than 60 compulsory and selective courses have been offered to all students of BDA regarding dance theories as well as interdisciplinary theories. 
Since 1985, the Department has undertaken hundreds of national and provincial research projects, published hundreds of monographs and teaching materials, and won dozens of national and provincial awards. In 2011, the Department was honored as a Key Discipline in institutions of higher learning in Beijing; in 2004, it was awarded First Prize in the Beijing Higher Education Achievement Awards; in 2005, it was awarded the Second Prize winner in the National Higher Education Achievement Awards of the Ministry of Education; in 2009, the “Dance History Curriculum System under Development and Promotion” was honored with the First Prize in the Beijing Higher Education Achievement Awards; in 2011, the dance studies specialty was named National Characteristic Specialty and Beijing Characteristic Specialty.