Graduate Faculty

Graduate Faculty was authorized to grant MA degree in Dance Studies in 1998, with programs offered to the first group of graduate students in 1999. It is currently an educational base with the most graduate students and the most comprehensive curriculum in dance specialty.
Graduate supervisors are composed of founders of Chinese dance education and dance research as well as leading researchers and professors in dance world, who persistent in developing creative dance talents with integrity and critical thinking. In 2012, the graduate programs was expanded to include dance performance, dance teaching, dance creation and dance history and theory, apart from other dance related cross-disciplinary concentrations. At present, students fall into two categories. One category is full-time MA and MA equivalency, the other is full-time MFA and in-service MFA. There are currently over 300 graduate students including those from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas.
Working with prestigious universities both at home and broad leads to the advance of disciplinary construction and educational efficiency. In 2011, a co-program at PhD level was offered through cooperation with Peking University. A co-program at MA degree level started in 2012 by cooperation with Central Conservatory of Music. And 2014 witnesses the development of a co-program with double BA in dance education (community dance) by working with Auckland University in New Zealand.