The Department of Choreography

The Department of Choreography was established in 1985, offering BA and MA degree programs in choreography of dance and dance drama, committed to dance creation and theoretical research. In 1950s, experts from former Russia were invited to teach twice choreography classes, giving birth to the first generation of choreographers in People’s Republic of China. The Department has an inclusive style of operation, emphasizing both international prospect and inheritance of national culture, developing an effective, rigorous and feasible creating theory of Chinese dance and dance drama. Outstanding achievements have been made in terms of creation theory of choreography, dance composition techniques, choreography teaching and research, distinguishing the Department as a leading institution of creation of national dance repertoires, choreography research and choreography teaching, and developing groups of excellent choreographers and teachers. The Department has been awarded many titles including National Characteristic Specialty, Beijing Characteristic Specialty, Beijing Innovative Academic Group, and First Prize of Beijing Education and Teaching Achievement.
The excellent faculty encompasses many teachers with honors of Master Award, the Great Wall Scholar, Outstanding and Creative Talent, and Key Youth Talent. Relevant teaching materials such Choreography Course of Chinese Dance, Choreography Course of Chinese Duet, and Choreography Course of Chinese Trio have been awarded as municipal excellent teaching materials. Influential dance dramas in recent years include Mermaid, Qu Yuan, Great Wall, Yellow River, Loss of Love, Wilderness, Thunder and Rain, Eighteen Springs, Swan Goose • Return East.