The Department of Chinese Classical Dance

The Department of Chinese Classical Dance was established in 1954. Currently, it comprises five major offices of Chinese Classical Dance, Hantang Classical Dance, Dunhuang Dance, Research Resources and Music of Chinese Classical Dance. It offers BA and MA programs in performance and teaching of Chinese classical dance. Faculty members, including founders, renowned professors and teachers in this disciplinary field, have endeavored for years to sustain the cultural excellence of Chinese tradition, adhering to scientific development and innovative operation. The contemporary reconstruction of Chinese classical dance emphasizes aesthetic integration of ‘ancient Chinese dances” with “opera dances” and “traditional martial arts”, exploring originality, trainability and nationality of performance training system, artistic styles, expressive functions as well as humanistic spirit.

The Department has won many honorary titles, such as” National Excellent Faculty”, “National Characteristic Specialty”, “State-level Pilot Project for Talent Cultivation”, “Beijing Municipal Excellent Faculty”, “Beijing Academic Innovation Team”, “Beijing Excellent Course” and “Municipal Advanced Grassroots Party Organization”. While numerous performances produced by the Department have been held and highly acclaimed across the world, international academic exchanges and conferences have also been regular and fruitful, making great contribution to the spread and promotion of Chinese classical dance and traditional Chinese culture.

To promote the Chinese art of dance to the world, the Department has visited dozens of countries and regions to bring performance exchanges, academic lectures and teaching, and is warmly welcomed and praised by the local people wherever it goes, fully demonstrating the artistic charm of Chinese classical dance and making a significant contribution to promoting the Chinese art of dance.