Youth Dance Company

Youth Dance Company was founded in 1987. It is another excellent dance group produced from “Cradle of Dancers” – Beijing Dance Academy besides National Ballet of China and China Oriental Song & Dance Ensemble. The Company has developed into “bases for conducting teaching research, experimenting new works, demonstrating repertoires, practicing artistic skills as well as provide excellent teachers.” Most dancers of the Company have been best winners of various national dance competitions such as National Dance Competition, Peach & Plum Cup Dance Competition, Lotus Flower Cup Dance Competition, CCTV Dance Competition, etc.
Youth Dance Company has created and produced many excellent dance dramas and classic repertoires, such as Song of the Great Wind in 2006, Tang Wan in 2008, Red Ship Setting Sail in 2011, Great Beauty Withou Saying - National Dance Classics in August 2010 when the 18th World Aesthetic Conference was held in Peking University. Besides, dance works like Elegy of Love, Love and Fate, Message from Yesterday, Nuo and Face, Red Affection produced by the Company have also incorporated into classic repertoires.
“China should confidently display its art of dance to the whole world”. Since its inception, the Company has successfully visited dozens of countries and regions, bridging the gap between Chinese and Western dance cultures. In the future, dancers of the Company will continue to develop excellent dance culture of China and contribute with great effort to promote exchanges between Chinese and Western dance cultures.