The Ballet Department

With the help of dance experts from former Russia, ballet teaching system began to form in 1954 when Beijing Dance Academy was founded. It became an important foundation for later development of ballet in China. The Ballet Department was established in 1983, initiating BA and MA ballet programs in 1984 and 1999 respectively.
As a key discipline of Beijing Dance Academy, the Department has established an educational pattern integrating instruction with choreography and research, aiming to cultivate dancers and researchers with all-rounded skills, qualities and virtues. The educational principles the Department operates on include the ideas of unity and coordination, service first, scientific management, in search of excellence as well as people oriented, individualized teaching, noble character and rigorous learning.
The faculty is composed of many prestigious ballet educators and professor, experienced external experts and lecturers, together with a group of piano accompanists. Since 2012, many world-famous ballet stars and directors from famous ballet companies have been invited by the Department as visiting professors here who brought with them different schools of training and repertoires of different styles. Academic activities and events, such as ballet competitions international, art festivals, performing tours, and lectures giving abroad, facilitate exchanges of teaching achievements as well as latest developments and trendsin the field of ballet.