The Department of Art Design

The Department of Art Design was established in 2001, taking advantage of dance culture, drama and professional knowledge to construct talent teaching pattern with emphasis on professional concepts of grand stage design, expansion of creative design as well as professional practice. The Department offers BA and MA degree programs in six majors, namely stage design for drama, film and TV drama, setting design, costume design, lighting design, make-up design, and fashion shows. The Department focuses on training of creative skills as well as fundamental professional courses. In addition to fundamental drama course and relevant painting courses, the Department regularly invites many domestic and international renowned experts and professors in the fields of stage art, drama, music, literature and directing to give lectures and seminars. Combination of fieldwork with classroom teaching forms a benign cycle between teaching and practice. Now it has established four internship bases for stage design, costume design, lighting design and stage setting design.
The whole faculty adheres to principles of diligence, science and practice, and upholds the humanistic spirit of professional ethics and role models. Recently, teachers and students of the Department have participated in many influential events such as the opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing Olympic Games, the opening ceremony of the Tenth National Games, the Sixth and Seventh National Inter-city Games, the opening ceremonies of the Sixth and Seventh Minority Traditional Sports Games, the opening and closing ceremonies of the Fifth and Sixth East Asian Games, the opening and closing ceremonies of the 16th Guangzhou Asian Games, as well as many other performing productions of dance, drama, opera and performances for tourists. Many of these works have received professional acclamation and awards, providing students with a broad platform of artistic practice.