The Department of Art Communication

The Department of Art Communication is a professional interdisciplinary teaching department created to meet the needs of the age as well as the requirements of international convention. It offers BA degree programs in Public Administration and New Media, and MA degree programs in Art Management and Creative Industry. Public Administration major attempts to develop art administrators and managers with professional skills and management theory to help manage dance events and businesses. New Media major aims to cultivate talents with skillful media techniques so as to creatively produce and spread dance culture.
Over the past 12 years, the Department has always focused on the forefront of art management and discipline of new media art, enhancing teaching quality by conducting practical projects and establishing a “characteristic and mainstream” operation as interdisciplinary subject. The Department comprises three teaching and research offices: Management, New Media and Media Lab, where excellent faculty work with great effort to promote teaching and research, to expand dissemination of dance and performing arts and to develop excellent professionals specialized in cultural and creative industries.