The Affiliated Secondary School of BDA

The Affiliated Secondary School of BDA grew from Beijing Dance School, founded in 1954 and is the earliest secondary dance school in China. Since 1978, based on the profound teaching tradition of BDA, it has developed rapidly and further improved its levels of education, teaching and management. In 1993, it was approved as a Key National Secondary Vocational School by the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Education. Efficient schooling has secured successful re-appraisals of education in 1998, 2003 and 2008, supervision and assessment of Beijing quality education in 2010, and appraisal of Beijing model secondary vocational school in 2013.  
Aimed at becoming a “world-famous leading secondary dance school”, the School strives to build “a base developing back-up talents for higher education and dance business”, adhering to principles of cultivating dance talents with integrity, skills, culture and sustainable professional abilities. With over 1000 students on campus, the School now offers programs in ballet performance, Chinese dance performance, song and dance performance and international ballroom dance performance. Excellent faculty comprises 32 senior lecturers and 68 lecturers, who account for 80% of all teachers in the School.
Remarkable achievements by the School include hosting “Professional Achievement Performance of the National Art Education in 2007 and was awarded “Prize of Special Contribution”; winning a title of “Advanced Group of Beijing Olympics” in 2008; “Excellent Organization” awarded by Directing Agency for Celebration Parade of 60th National Anniversary in 2009; title of “Beijing Advanced Group of Educational Innovation” in the same year; and the “Best Dance School” awarded by the organizing committee of International Youth Dance Competition in New York, USA in 2010.